What About No Sex Till Marriage?

More and more women are abstaining from sex more than men all together. Why? Sex just completely complicates things. Many women are opting to wait until marriage to have sexual relations. Some are even proclaiming to be “second virgins” in order to wait until that special someone comes into their lives. This may be considered the old fashioned way of living. During the baby booming age many adults waited until marriage to procreate. Of course during this time many were walking down the aisles as teenagers, so the waiting game wasn’t as hard and people seemed to value commitment more. In the millennium, with many individuals having sex with no strings attached, it has become more difficult for women and men alike to become involved in a loving monogamous relationship. Many still look to the Bible for comfort and salvation in the fact that God says that waiting until marriage is the good, right, and true way to avoid all the problems that comes along with fornicating before marriage. Using the holy book for guidance may be frowned upon as being over zealous, but let’s look at the facts: in this day and age there are so many single mothers walking around who aren’t married who wished they would have waited. The high rate of teenage pregnancy which seems to be diminishing but this will always be a problem plaguing inner city youths. Couple that with the high rate of sexually transmitted diseases particularly HIV and AIDS, it’s no wonder why many are holding out. Are these individuals wrong for feeling this way? Most likely not, but they may have a hard time finding a date or becoming involved in a relationship.

Many shy away from the fact that there are individuals out there who feel that there are more important factors in a relationship than sex. There’s love, trust and above all communication, all of which can make for a beautiful relationship. Women are definitely holding out more than the men. Whether or not if the individual chooses celibacy over being sexually active, then their counterpart needs to respect that decision. If they can’t respect their decision, then maybe they weren’t the right person to be with in the first place. If you’re one of those “old-fashioned” individuals who wants to wait until marriage to have sex and then the marriage doesn’t work out then what? Are you going to beat yourself up and get caught up in the issue that waiting until you’re married was truly indeed the best thing to do? If so, what happens when you get back into the dating game? Is every person that you meet going to have to deal with the fact that you are completely holding out again and why? Some may be understanding while most may not be. Becoming sexually active at an early age can be damaging mentally and physically. Many teens are pledging to wait until their wedding night to lose their virginity. As they should, many find comfort in occupying their time by going to the movies, becoming actively involved in sports and student government. Sex education can also be a good platform in teaching pre-teens at a young age the disadvantages of becoming sexually active early. Parents should also prepare for the daunting task of discussing sex with their teens just as they would discuss any other subject like smoking or using drugs.

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i’ve always wondered why sex is such an important topic of conversation when two people are dating. it always amazes me that no one (the guy or the girl) wants to be the first to initiate it;planning of the actual act! so why bother. i believe sex in any relationship should be discussed and shared between two “mature” and very “open-minded” ADULTS! the reason i say this is because no one is truly prepared to deal with or willing to go thru the process of what it takes to give and recieve to have a “healthy” mentality towards the subject. there is a lot of fear from both sides and when you have not experienced the “true” art of getting to know more about the person you plan to sleep or have sex with, it defeats the purpose of reaping the consequences of your actions that you are not “emotionally”, “physically”. “mentally” and yes, “spiritually” prepared to deal with. my solution? would be to pray about it and ask God for direction, discernment, and wisdom, and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you into making a “wise” and “sound” choice, that YOU and only YOU are prepared to deal with and LIVE with, for the rest of your life should you decide to engage in the act. there is an old saying..”how can you miss something you’ve never had”! just a little something to think about! 🙂

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