What Women Expect From Guys During A Date

We have all heard the term “men are from Mars and women are from Venus” and in most cases many would agree! When it comes to dating there seems to be a high failure rate because women have certain expectations of the date and sometimes men are not living up to these expectations, simply because they don’t know what women are looking for.

Many women put a lot of emphasis on a first impression. For example, they judge where they think the date can lead based on what the guy looks like and what he has chosen for a date. A real turn off is when he has no plans made at all. From the man’s point of view he may be trying to show that he is spontaneous or that he is interested in her input. From the woman’s point of view, if she is going on a first date and finds that the man has not made any plans for the date it can come across that he is not making any effort.

The same can be said for general appearances. If the guy shows up for the first date wearing worn out jeans and a wrinkled top, this gives the impression that he didn’t think the date was worth making an effort for. If he presents himself with his face freshly shaved, his hair styled and his clothing clean and neat this lets his date know that he took the time to put himself together and that he wanted to give her a good impression.

While it is certainly not necessary, when a guy brings his date flowers or a small gift this can often be well received. There is no need to spend a lot of money or go over board with something but a small gesture will go a long way in creating that romantic flavor in a date.

A common fact that is often disputed is who is expected to pay for the date. Traditionally men have paid for the date however it has become the “norm” that whoever asks for the date will pick up the check. In my opinion, it is fair that both people on the date would contribute. It is always a good idea to play it safe though and bring enough cash with you to cover the entire date. Another great way to keep things fair as far as finances go is to each look after a different part of the date. For example, if you are doing dinner and a movie one can pay for dinner while the other catches the tab for the movie.

Some definite things to avoid on a date are: using your cell phone, checking out other women, not offering to pay for any part of the date, poor table manners, not engaging in conversation and looking at your watch consistently. These are some of the most common mistakes that men make in dates. Other “date killers” are talking constantly about your ex, making off-color jokes or trying to get too physical too fast. These certainly do not make the list of what women expect from guys during a date!

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