What age is normal for getting married

When a couple is involved in a long-term relationship the subject of marriage is bound to come up. Studies have shown that the majority of people who are seeking the commitment of marriage are women. Men tend to want to take their time with it and seem to be nervous to make that big step in their relationship. This is not the case in all relationships though, sometimes we see a complete reversal to this pattern where the male in the relationship seeks marriage and the female feels pressure.

A common question that comes up when marriage is being contemplated is what age is normal for getting married. Of course there is not one right or wrong answer for this. More importantly then what age you are is of course that you have a stable foundation for marriage and feel ready for that point in your life. If you wanted to review numbers however, researchers have found that the average age to get married is between 25 and 28 years of age. In the early nineties this number was considerably lower. At that time people were getting married in their early 20’s, usually in the range of 20 to 24.

So what is the rush? Why are people in such a rush to get down the aisle? Experts say that many women want to get married earlier in life because they want that big, beautiful wedding day that they have always dreamed about. Another reason is that they want to start a family or that they are being encouraged by their mothers who traditionally feel that marriage is the right thing to do.

When it comes down to the delicate subject of marriage the best thing to do is have a straightforward conversation with your partner. It will give both of you the chance to discuss goals, talk about timelines and make sure that you are both on the same page regarding where the relationship is heading. If one person feels they are ready for marriage but the other person isn’t quite there yet this is a good time to get real with the situation. It is also the perfect opportunity to discuss why the person is not ready and to see if the concerns are something that can be worked on as a partnership.

If a couple is contemplating marriage and feels that they are ready to take that step, it is a great idea to get some pre-marital relationship counseling. A myth about this counseling is that only couples with issues in their relationship need the counseling. The truth is that every couple can benefit from the communication and goal setting that is involved. Some popular topics of discussion include: division of labor, finances, family planning amongst many other things.

The bottom line is that couples should be placing less emphasis on their age and more emphasis on compatibility when it comes to getting married. Try not to let others have a big influence on this decision because in the end, it is you who needs to be ready. Marriage is a huge commitment and should not be something that you can be pressured into. In order for a marriage to succeed both individuals need to be ready to take the walk down the aisle and be aware of the others needs and wants as well as their own.

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lol ok well i was dating this guy when i was younger and we dated for 2 years of course we talked about are pefect life togther having a babie but after i got pregnant i was only 13 and well the guy ladies if u think u ahve a good relationship watch out and dont rush !!!

brittney / January 23rd, 2008, 12:18 am / #

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