Respect for Your Friendships, Your Relationships and Yourself

Everyone reaches a time in their lives when they feel that are ready to make a strong and serious commitment to a serious relationship with a partner. Before a person reaches that point, they are in their dating phase. The dating phase is usually a long one, as many different people will come in and out of a persons’ life. Issues can arise when a person does not see dating as means to and end; meeting that someone special in which to spend their life. The issues can occur when a person is under the belief that dating is a game and the game is all about the chase.

Dating is meant to serve the purpose being a learning experience. It should be a phase in a persons’ life in which they grow and become a better and more knowledgeable person. It is a school in a way, teaching many of life’s lessons. Dating is a way to meet a variety of different people, learn skills of interaction, learn what you do and do not desire in a mate, learn coping mechanisms when relationship issues should arise and learn about what they themselves have to offer someone once in a serious relationship. If a person shows an utter lack of respect for others during this time in their lives, nothing good will ever come of it.

To think of dating as a game of chase is utterly immature. If a person has respect for themselves, they would know that their self-worth as an individual person and would not conceive the notion that dating has anything to do with the chase. Some people may say it is human instinct to want to go after the chase. What is indeed human instinct is to crave love, understanding and caring from another individual with whom we adore. If a person does not feel that they deserve that type of affection from another, they may enter a state of denial which inevitably ends with dating for the purpose of the chase.

What exactly is the chase? It is a state of mentality that women, or men for that matter, are simply objects; objects to be obtained and then discarded with no respect. Many people who enter into the game of the chase will catch as many people as they can, draw them in with sweet talk and false affection, and then thrust them aside when they have made their accomplishment, most often when achieving a moment of sexual intercourse. This is terribly unfair to the victim of the chase. In addition, the perpetrator is an unknowing victim themselves, as allowing this behavior to take place, they are showing they have no respect for friendships, relationships and the personal needs and wants of another human being.

If you want to achieve personal respect and form solid friendships and personal relationships for yourself, it is wise to stop your actions involving a chase. Simply see people for what they are; individuals who most often are striving to find a serious and loving relationship.

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