Home Drug Test & Teen

The appearance of the in-home drug test has given parents a way to confirm or reject any suspicions that a son or daughter might be using drugs. Some parents have expressed a reluctance to perform a test on their own child. Yet a parent could put a child at risk by seeking to avoid an alleged infringement on a child’s rights.
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Short version of the interview with Drugsline Chabad

1. How were you introduced to drugs?

LP: The first drug I was introduced to was cannabis, whilst I was at school, my peers was smoking cannabis and that wasI how I got introduced to it, just people at school.
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What are drugs?

Drugs are chemicals that change the way a person’s body works. There are legal and illegal drugs. Drugs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes you can take them in different ways as well. You can sniff some, you can swallow them or you can smoke them. Drugs can be addictive. Addiction means if you take a lot of them you can’t stop having them and it will continue to harm you. Continue reading