Kissing: the Outstanding Art

Kissing is a way of expressing attraction, desire, and love. It is a way of caressing and touching another person in a very intimate and passionate way. A kiss is a sweet, sweet caress! It is a way of communicating an infinite number of things to another person.
Who doesn’t remember with great fondness their first kiss? How many books speak of kissing? People have changed their minds or opinions about something because of a kiss. Arguments have been resolved because of a single kiss. We remember great movies because of a wonderfully romantic kiss.
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Having Fun Without Sex Ideas

In this day and age saving sexual encounters until you are married or are sure you are with your life partner is a wonderful idea and a great set of values for all people not just the teenagers.
There are other fun and exciting alternatives to having sexual intercourse with each other, that let you enjoy each others company and that let bond with one another also.
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