He’s Worried about Her Ex…

About two months ago my girlfriend of two years lied to me about a “girls’ night out.” Rather than having a girls’ night out, she and a friend went to meet an ex-boyfriend of hers who now lives in a different state. I generally do not have a problem with her seeing ex-boyfriends. However, this particular ex has made several calls to her and asked her to get away for the weekend. She has refused his advances. Continue reading

Love and sexual desire are not the same thing.

Love is a strong caring for someone else. It comes in many forms. There can be love for close friends, for parents and children, for God, and for humankind. Continue reading

It’s No Longer Just a Friendship…

Many people who are single and dating will often meet a lot of people and inevitably go on many dates. Those who are not serious about meeting someone with relationship potential will often limit themselves to dating likeminded people; those who are looking for casual get-togethers and flings. It is often considered to be morally wrong to date while looking for the chase if the other person involved does not know that you have no intention of becoming serious with them. Continue reading

If it’s More Than Just Sex

Sex may mean a lot of different things to many people. Some see it as a form of release and simply a means to personal satisfaction. However, more many woman and more men as well, sex is not just a physical act. The act of sexual intercourse can bring about many feelings. If a person has sex with someone who is not on the same emotional ground regarding the expressive importance of sex, it may lead to many issues. This problem is found mostly with the female population; however men can have a deep understanding of just how personal sex can be.
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Couple Fights: Be Fair

Whether a couple has been dating for a while or is living together in a relationship or marriage, spending a lot of time with each other can cause certain issues to arise. There are many changes that may occur to cause a couple to begin bickering. If these issues are not addressed in the proper way, the bickering can grow into fighting and that can break a relationship. They key to solving problems is to understand what is causing the fights and to learn the art of fighting fair. Continue reading

When You Fight for the First Time, You Still Have Chances

Being in a new relationship is scary all by itself, but your first disagreement as a couple can be even scarier. These arguments are never as bad as you think they may be; every couple argues at some point in their relationships. Continue reading

What Love Really Is

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…” Elizabeth Barrett Browning might have pondered the concept of love in one of the most memorable ways in literary history. She did not, however, encompass what love really is. There are not enough words to try to describe what love is. Love is not a concrete thing; it is only a tangible entity to be felt. But, one can see in the interactions of creatures that love is concrete too. Love is not limited to humans exclusively. Animals have been known to protect their owners, sacrifice for their mate or offspring, and defend to the death. Humans exhibit these same primitive qualities but also render love on a more complex level. Simply put, nothing moves the world more than love and its many facets.
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I Kissed a Girl

I kissed a girl!” Someday, your teenage daughter might drop that bombshell in the middle of a peaceful breakfast, a conversation about something else entirely, or even a knock-down-drag-out fight. How you handle her disclosure can make a big difference in your relationship. These simple tips can help you get past your daughter’s revelation and may even bring your relationship closer than it has ever been.

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Your First Date

How many people feel they have made mistakes on the first date and don’t know where they went wrong? I bet the actual number would surprise you. There are a lot of people who don’t understand where a first date went wrong. There have been books, articles, movies created on first date etiquette. Some have very strong points and others are a little laughable. Dating etiquette is a varied topic, below are some things I consider when going on a first date.
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Kissing: the Outstanding Art

Kissing is a way of expressing attraction, desire, and love. It is a way of caressing and touching another person in a very intimate and passionate way. A kiss is a sweet, sweet caress! It is a way of communicating an infinite number of things to another person.
Who doesn’t remember with great fondness their first kiss? How many books speak of kissing? People have changed their minds or opinions about something because of a kiss. Arguments have been resolved because of a single kiss. We remember great movies because of a wonderfully romantic kiss.
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