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What To Do If You Have Been Raped, and Prevention Tips

Rape is the usual word for the act of one person forcing another to have sex. Rape is one of the most horrible things to happen to a person. It is not only painful and traumatic, but it is hard to forget. Men and women can be raped. Men and women can be rapists, although it’s mostly men. Women rapists tend to stick objects painfully into the genitals and anus of their mostly female victims. If you remember nothing else of this article, please remember this – rape is not the victim’s fault. It’s the fault of the rapist only. Continue reading

What Women Expect From Guys During A Date

We have all heard the term “men are from Mars and women are from Venus” and in most cases many would agree! When it comes to dating there seems to be a high failure rate because women have certain expectations of the date and sometimes men are not living up to these expectations, simply because they don’t know what women are looking for. Continue reading

What age is normal for getting married

When a couple is involved in a long-term relationship the subject of marriage is bound to come up. Studies have shown that the majority of people who are seeking the commitment of marriage are women. Men tend to want to take their time with it and seem to be nervous to make that big step in their relationship. This is not the case in all relationships though, sometimes we see a complete reversal to this pattern where the male in the relationship seeks marriage and the female feels pressure. Continue reading

Masturbation FAQ

Mary Ellen:

If a guy masturbates too often, he will suffer the consequences. Do the same consequences apply if a guy has sex too often? If not, why does forgetfulness and such happen only during masturbation, but not from sexual intercourse?


Mary Ellen, Many men who use repeated masturbation in order to achieve satisfaction also seek out drugs that are supposed to be sex stimulants. Some recreational drugs, namely alcohol and marijuana are supposed to be drugs that can help a man to enhance his sexual performance. A man who takes the time to masturbate on a regular basis might also make a point of using supposedly sex-enhancing drugs.

If a man repeatedly takes-in or uses sex-enhancing drugs, and if he then enjoys masturbation look what happens. He has removed a fair amount of the liquid in his body. That will lead to a concentration of the drug(s) in his body. Such a concentration could well cause the same man to suffer unwanted health effects, such as forgetfulness.

A man who masturbates tends to be alone on a regular basis. Being alone, he has more chances to use sex-enhancing drugs. A man who has frequent sex is less often alone. He therefore has fewer opportunities to engage in drug use.

Drug use, rather than masturbation, can have important health effects. At times repeated sex can have an effect. There are cases of sex addiction, but that will be covered more fully in the response to a later question.
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An Essential Part to Every Relationship

Whether you and your mate are two of a kind or completely opposite from each other there is one thing that you will always have to deal with in your relationship; a disagreement that leads to an argument. Arguments are generally not something on everyone’s list of favorite things to do but they are a healthy and natural part of every relationship. They don’t always have to end with someone sleeping on the couch. It comes down to the way that each person handles the argument regardless of what the problem is. Having a genuine respect for each other and the differences in your personalities can make a big difference and make your lives much happier. Continue reading

Having Questions on Your Sexuality?

I knew something was wrong the minute I sat down across the table from Jenny. She hadn’t touched the onion rings in front of her. Her eyes were red, too. Continue reading

Fun Date Ideas

Healthy sexual intimacy is an important part of a strong relationship. For some that is the only time they feel connected to their mate. Having a fun and fulfilling life with each other outside of the bedroom is just as important as inside. Planning a fun evening can sometimes be a chore but there are many things that you can do with your mate that don’t require a lot of thought or effort. Whether you and your partner need to reconnect or you are just looking for a fun night together take the initiative to plan a night that you’ll both enjoy. Many times looking to the simple and basic things can be the most difficult but can be the most rewarding. Continue reading

How do I Figure out who I’m Attracted to?

When you come out to someone who doesn’t know much about homosexuality, the first question they’ll probably ask you is, “How do you know you’re gay?” Continue reading

How Real Couples Act

In almost every romantic relationship, sex is a key factor. Yes, you may love one another deeply, but usually, it all started with that spark of sexual attraction. Many people come together because they are physically attracted to each other and the emotional ties grow stronger from that point on. Additionally, they also like each other. Real relationships often start off as simple crushes on a cutie. Continue reading

How To Tell Your Parents

No teenage girl wants to have to tell her parents that she is pregnant and no parent of a teenage girl wants to hear that news. Still, if you are a pregnant teenager, it is important to tell your parents and allow them to help you through the experience. This article offers some ideas about how to tell your parents that you are pregnant. Continue reading