You want me to do WHAT? Talking about Sex with Your Partner

Communication in general is very important for a healthy relationship, but when it comes to talking about sex, some couples become a bit shy or closed minded. It is healthy to talk to your partner about what you like, what feels good and what you want. It can take your sex life to a whole new level of intimacy and make your relationship even stronger. Sex isn’t an easy topic to discuss for quite a large portion of our population, but with further knowledge and experience we can learn to appreciate this form of intimacy with our partner to a whole new level. Here are some things to remember when you are discussing sex or thinking about talking about sex with your partner. Continue reading

An Essential Part to Every Relationship

Whether you and your mate are two of a kind or completely opposite from each other there is one thing that you will always have to deal with in your relationship; a disagreement that leads to an argument. Arguments are generally not something on everyone’s list of favorite things to do but they are a healthy and natural part of every relationship. They don’t always have to end with someone sleeping on the couch. It comes down to the way that each person handles the argument regardless of what the problem is. Having a genuine respect for each other and the differences in your personalities can make a big difference and make your lives much happier. Continue reading

How Real Couples Act

In almost every romantic relationship, sex is a key factor. Yes, you may love one another deeply, but usually, it all started with that spark of sexual attraction. Many people come together because they are physically attracted to each other and the emotional ties grow stronger from that point on. Additionally, they also like each other. Real relationships often start off as simple crushes on a cutie. Continue reading

Ways To Maintain New Relationships

Everyone knows the warm feeling and the cool rush of a new relationship. The anticipation of that call, those knocks on the door, or just the brief brushing of hands walking down the street. The electricity and the infatuation is always the best part of a new relationship, but it does not last forever for everyone. However, some couples do have that spark for years and years to come. These couples obviously know the secret to maintaining a new relationship. Continue reading

Got an Abusive Relationship? Stop it!

There are not many more difficult situations to get out of than that of an abusive relationship. Some might think that physical or even sexual abuse, the kind that is evident, is the most destructive, but research suggests otherwise.
Continue reading

Long Distance Relationships

Susan and Randy spent a wonderful two weeks together at the beach during his leave from the marines. Stationed in Kosovo, Randy was not expecting to meet anyone quite like Susan. Not believing in “Love at First Sight”, Randy spent his free time with Susan and the two, before Randy’s leave was over, pledged to marry one another. While writing and emailing with a few phone calls in between, the two maintained their romance until the following year when Randy was able to take another leave and come back to Susan. The two wed and lived happily ever after. Continue reading

Catch Their Attention: Be Creative

Once in a while, you might be walking along, minding your own business and then bam!
It feels like you have been hit by something. You stop and your head whirls. You feel sick to your stomach and start shaking. Then, after a few seconds you are able to compose yourself and look back toward the source of your distress. Who is that person over there? You peek curiously that way and watch. Yes, that person looks like someone you want to get to know. How will you ever succeed in getting their attention directed your way? You need to come up with a good method of flirting and get to work. Continue reading

Reading Mixed Signals

Sometimes it seems like men are from a different planet altogether especially when you are trying to start a relationship with them. Do not give up hope though because guys can be better understood with a bit of a relationship breakdown. It is tough when you are first starting a relationship because you have no idea what to expect. You are unsure of whether this could be a lifetime partnership or a relationship that lasts for the duration of a few months. The good news is that relationships are not easy for anyone. So there is no reason to feel like you are the only one struggling. One of the hardest hurdles to climb is the definition of whether you are in an exclusive relationship or more of a friendship. Continue reading

It’s No Longer Just a Friendship…

Many people who are single and dating will often meet a lot of people and inevitably go on many dates. Those who are not serious about meeting someone with relationship potential will often limit themselves to dating likeminded people; those who are looking for casual get-togethers and flings. It is often considered to be morally wrong to date while looking for the chase if the other person involved does not know that you have no intention of becoming serious with them. Continue reading

Respect for Your Friendships, Your Relationships and Yourself

Everyone reaches a time in their lives when they feel that are ready to make a strong and serious commitment to a serious relationship with a partner. Before a person reaches that point, they are in their dating phase. The dating phase is usually a long one, as many different people will come in and out of a persons’ life. Issues can arise when a person does not see dating as means to and end; meeting that someone special in which to spend their life. The issues can occur when a person is under the belief that dating is a game and the game is all about the chase. Continue reading